For fittings and tools, Airspeed is proud to represent Loos&Co’s Cableware division.
The major portion of the manufacturing in Naples (FL, USA) is devoted to the production of Military Specification wire rope fittings, connectors, and terminations. These products are on the QPD (Qualified Producers Database) for the US Government. Several hundred product numbers are manufactured and warehoused in our Naples facility. Additionally, Loos&Co manufactures the swaging machines and tools needed to connect the hardware to the various types of wire rope. Loos&Co is proud to be able to offer fast turnaround and complete delivery from the large supply of finished inventory. Visit for more details.


Swagetool Selection Overview

De PDF and Excel below are the same document. In this document you will find a selection table that is helpful in defining which swaging Tool is needed. Within this table: Clicking on the Partnumber will give you full technical details from the Loos&Co cableware website.

 Excel RFQ
 PDF Request Catalog

A new product in our Portfolio: The rugged, high accuracy, digital Tensiometer. This Tensiometer is especially calibrated for the use on Boeing Aircraft Cables. See details at Loos&Co Wirerope website.

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