Steelcables (Wire Ropes) in bulk

Did this happen before you reached your target number of cycles?

Try a sample of us.  Over 50 years  of aerospace cable experience is embedded in our cable. Using our cables, well designed systems perform over 1 mln cycles. The same cable systems do not perform half as good with common steelcables from other suppliers.


For Wire Ropes and Cable Assemblies, Airspeed is proud to represent the Loos&Co Wirerope division.
The Wirerope division is located in Pomfret (CT, USA). Loos&Co is on the QPL (Qualified Produces List) of all Mil-spec. wire ropes. Remember: If it is US Mil-Spec and it is wirerope, than Loos&Co is qualified to produce it! Visit for more details.

For Existing Aerospace applications

The steelcables used in existing aircraft are fully defined by their drawings. We are able to supply all commonly used specifications.

On the drawing any wire rope is defined by the following parameters. Click on each parameter to see availability with us.

Cable Parameter: Mostly used in Aerospace (as examples):
3,2mm (1/8”) and 4mm (5/32”)
Galvanized steel and Stainless steel
7×19, very flexible
None, otherwise Nylon or Vinyl

Your RFQ should at least include all of the above parameters. Please include also:

  • The quantity needed
  • The requested leadtime

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For New Applications

When designing new bulk cable-applications there are many requirements that should be considered simultaneously. Here are some of the first to consider:

  • Breaking strength (will result in a minimum required diameter).
  • Minimum bend radius (will result in a maximum allowable diameter)
  • Corrosion resistance or other material-specific qualities (material selection)
  • Flexibility, or rotational stability (cable construction)
  • Fatigue resistance (Our cables are worldwide by far the best ! Request a sample. Test it. Convince yourself.)
  • Special surface needed (Jacketed/Coated, flat wire wrapped)
  • Quality (Mil-DTL-83420-spec, plus thorough quality control)
  • Value for money

After initial selection of diameter, material and construction, you should verify if this is the most economical solution and re-verify if all requirements are still met.

For price/quality reasons we do not supply (corroding) carbon steel cable. These cables are ideal when the main requirement is the lowest price, and when are no other special requirements.

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Quality Matters

Loos & Co., Inc. is a world class manufacturer of specialty wire and cable products. We practice continual improvement to ensure customer satisfaction. Our business plan documents our commitment to meet customer requirements through specific, measureable objectives. Management reviews the effectiveness of our quality policy and quality management system on a regular basis. We communicate the results of these reviews to employee throughout the organization.

ISO 9001:2008
Download Certificate from the Loos&Co website

BOEING D1-9000

Boeing D1-9000 Certified
Since May 1994

Conforms to ISO 10012: 1992 (E)

Inspection equipment is traceable to NIST National Standards

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